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Drug Rehab Mobile was a very good match
Everything I cherished could be lost if I hadn’t made the choice to get clean. Drug Rehab Mobile was a very good match; it was comfortable, clean, and the employees were friendly. Their employees were also very experienced and educated, and every single day is organized down to the hour.I wouldn't ever have regained my life if I hadn’t called Drug Rehab Mobile’s hotline for help.
, Mobile May 20, 2011

I’m clean and happy today
Drug Rehab Mobile has been probably the most positive influences on my life. You must remember the fact that the facility is a rehab facility, and the housemates you're living with are trying to recover from active addictions.I actually can’t say enough good things about Drug Rehab Mobile. It’s because of them that I’m clean and happy today.
, Mobile Aug 15, 2011

Actually pleasant and welcoming
Even though I was embarrassed to be there, and a bit afraid of what it could be like, all of my housemates at Drug Rehab Mobile were actually pleasant and welcoming. I was very surprised to have my housemates calling me by name on my very first day there. Everyone was, or seemed to be, honest and determined about sobriety. After listening and having the therapists push me, I began to realize that everybody there was in the same boat as I was, and I shouldn't need to try getting sober alone.
, Mobile Apr 21, 2012

Really caring staff
Drug Rehab Mobile has a really caring staff and they take responsibility for nearly all the things to get you into the program. It’s to your advantage to let Drug Rehab Mobile assist you, since they've got a lot more experience and training than you, so listen to them.
, Mobile Jan 9, 2011

Drug Rehab Mobile helped me clear my head
Drug Rehab Mobile helped me clear my head, allowed me time to think, and got me in a healthier state of mind. After a couple of days of detox to ease my withdrawal symptoms, I began their ninety day program. Their facility is focused on recovery, why you require therapy, and how one can function within the 'real world’ without using. Everyone is very knowledgeable and eager to help, so let them.
, Mobile Nov 1, 2011

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